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Medical Imaging iCloud WebPACS is a state-of-the-art technology that unites healthcare globally through a standard web browser. Radiology is indispensible to healthcare and there is now a way to be able to view radiological reports that include the diagnostic, therapeutic and prognostic details, anywhere! iCloud WebPACS assists in bridging the gap in healthcare by enabling you to share valuable information essential to patient management.


iCloud RIS


Radiology Information System (RIS) is fully integrated within iCloud WebPACS providing a complete management system that assists in workflow and plays a role in efficient automation of business processes in hospitals and doctor’s offices. Patient management, tracking, scheduling and billing are centralized with patient diagnosis and images. RIS makes information immediate and easy to update while efficiently transferring to those who require access. iCloud RIS complements existing EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems consolidating the medical facilities information and aids in establishing a paperless environment by maintaining digital records. RIS plays an important role in how patients are diagnosed, treated and managed.



Win the hearts of patients by having critical information accessible anywhere. iCloud WebPACS supports workflow for cardiology by centralizing digital images and reports across procedural catheterization, echocardiography, and nuclear medicine labs. Superior visualization and advanced measurement tools with access to view multiple modality images concurrently over great distances assist the cardiology team in their efforts of achieving superior treatment outcomes. With an increase in cardiac screening procedures available and imaging modality advances, iCloud WebPACS is an integral component in bringing ultra-fast motion-based cardiac CT and MRA, angiography and vascular ultrasound images regardless of size, to be viewed in real-time.



Improve communication and accessibility with image visualization fully integrated with your patient’s medical records providing information sharing across the oncology community. Screening procedures and early detection save thousands of lives. iCloud WebPACS provides storage and anywhere access to your patients images. Reduce re-radiation of patients due to unavailable previous exams and streamline workflow assisting in treatment planning. Staging of cancer is important in determining cancer treatment and an essential predictor of survival. iCloud WebPACS provides full integration of all images that detect tumor persistence or recurrence enabling close observation and monitoring response to therapy enhancing quality of patient care.



With limited time and patients that present with multiple injuries, improving image delivery times speeds the diagnosis and treatment of trauma patients. iCloud WebPACS provides swift access to images and their results that are distributed, stored and ready to view on demand by multiple consultant teams simultaneously. The trauma surgeon is able to detect and treat life-threatening conditions and prioritize operative procedures at a time when every minute counts. Whether it’s in the emergency department, operating room, intensive care unit or the hospital floor, an advance in the way medical information and images are exchanged often leads to reduced reimaging and additional expose to radiation and speeds diagnosis impacting patient outcome.

iCloud ORTHO


Planning for joint replacement, fracture treatment, and abnormality correction using 2D X-ray images and tracing-a process, is one that works but isn’t efficient. iCloud WebPACS offers the ultimate orthopedic digital image viewing with precision and accuracy provided through procedure-specific measurement tools. An orthopedic solution that enables you plan for operative procedures, visualize fracture reductions, and reconstruct torn ligaments utilizing on-screen measurements and templates. iCloud WebPACS is a transparent and intuitive tool to assist you in the evaluation and treatment of orthopedic conditions efficiently. Whether you are in the exam room, the operating room, the office or at home, you can access your images and perform your job more efficiently.

iCloud MAMMO


High-quality digital images play an essential role in early and proper diagnosis of breast evaluation. iCloud WebPACS offers digital mammography multi-modality viewing, wide dynamic range and high special resolution, reduction in recall rates, and the potential for a decrease in radiation dose. Screening mammography has been shown to lower breast cancer mortality by 18%- 30% over the last decade. iCloud WebPACS allows subspecialty expertise coverage within and outside of facilities while providing archiving and long term storage of recorded images. Radiologists have access to a historical perspective that can lead to the identification of subtle changes from year to year detecting seriousness of invasion and improving prognosis.


While our products and services offer a significant cost savings, we do not distinguish based on price alone. We aim to succeed through quality, innovation and a sense of competitive challenge. We believe in making a difference and thrive on supporting the medical industry as they work to provide the best possible patient care while ensuring maximum return on investment.

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