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7 Jan 2013
Post Thumbnail of Radiology in 2013: The Year of Imaging Software

By Whitney L.J. Howell

For radiologists and radiology vendors, the past 12 months have centered on health care reform – would the U.S. Supreme Court uphold the law, and if it did, what would it all mean? With the court’s decision, at least part of that question has been answered. Now, …

4 Jan 2013
Post Thumbnail of 2013: The Year of Digital Health

John Nosta, Contributor

It seems that the stars are aligned. These glimmers of facts, figures, innovation and needs are converging on the year 2013. And the result promises to be an inflection point for digital health. The curve of innovation will shift and place us all on a new course for …

4 Jan 2013
Post Thumbnail of John Sculley's Healthy Vision of the Future. (It's bigger than Apple!)

John Nosta, Contributor
We all know the story. ”Sell sugared water or change the world?”
The rest is more than history–it’s part of our lives. But there’s something else that is part of our lives that is increasingly coming into focus. It’s health. And it’s the convergence of health and technology that …

17 Dec 2012
Post Thumbnail of Cloud Infographic: 2012 Internet & Mobile Trends

Two major trends transforming industries today – mobile and cloud – are acting as catalysts for a renewed focus on this critical area of security.
As mobile devices proliferate at a staggering pace, enterprises see a rich new channel through which to reach customers. Enterprises are also realizing that a much …

6 Dec 2012
Post Thumbnail of iCloudDrive Services Provide A Global Reach Designed To Fit Any Budget

Cloud services bring backup, collaboration and sharing features that have proven to be transformative in the way computing power is bought, sold, and delivered. Country by country, businesses of all sizes are able to invent new ways to conduct their business offering products and services to customers in a new, …

5 Dec 2012
Post Thumbnail of See You In Health: Cloud Computing For The Healthcare Industry

By Terry Ritter

The healthcare industry has been making its move toward technology, putting iPads and tablets into the hands of healthcare professionals and now, the latest big move has been adopting the concept of cloud computing to organize, share data and protect patient information and healthcare data from being tampered …

29 Nov 2012
Post Thumbnail of Cloud Archiving And The Benefits For Your Business

Cloud Archiving And The Benefits For Your Business

By John Pittman
Cloud archiving is a document storage solution that means that data and documents no longer need to be stored as physical, paper documents, but can be transformed into digital format and stored in ‘the cloud’. Many businesses have mounds of paper …

26 Nov 2012
Post Thumbnail of 5GB Free Cloud Storage Isn’t Enough? iCloudDrive Backup Gives Unlimited Storage Access for $20 USD/year

While 5GB free storage offered by some cloud competitors in the market provides a platform to introduce the value cloud adoption brings, once you exceed the allowance a lot of time can be wasted calculating how much storage space you need. Extra gigabytes come with varying price tags amongst the …

20 Nov 2012
Post Thumbnail of Mobile Computing Life Made Easy with iCloud’s Unlimited Storage Service

For Individuals and Businesses on the go, iCloudDrive is a Cloud Computing service that keeps all your information together 
iCloud’s all-in-one iCloudDrive Backup service with unlimited storage space for $20/year provides simple, secure file storage and sharing from anywhere you have internet access.  The launch of the iCloud service for …

18 Nov 2012
Post Thumbnail of iCloud’s Unlimited Backup for $20.00/year: A Great Alternative to Apple iCloud Service

iCloud unlimited storage and Apple 15GB storage exact same price

Apple Inc.’s MobileMe customers that were using more than 5GB storage and didn’t purchase additional GB’s or select an alternative cloud storage service have already witnessed that the “downgrade” put their most important data at risk.  At iCloud Inc., we received …

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