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Creating Cost Effective Storage in the Cloud with iCloudXchange

The now ubiquitous cloud is constantly evolving as a standard for business with the most common use today being data storage. As organizations' data volumes grow, so does the complexity of file formats, data duplication, and security. iCloudXchange is a cloud storage solution that includes performance, reliability, scalability and at the same time, saves your money. Call for a live demo to appreciate the simplicity of creating and managing an effective backup data storage and disaster recovery solution in the cloud.


Moving to a paperless environment with iCloudDOCS

The explosion of unstructured data growth can be contained without leading to rampant infrastructure costs for your business. Prepare your data for digital storage saving time and money through scalable and secure storage. iCloudDOCS supports moving to a paperless environment offering comprehensive web-based storage and exchange of your data. Employees benefit from better facilitated productivity through immediate remote access on any Internet-enabled PC or mobile digital device extending availability and added flexibility.


Accelerate Performance Improving Patient Communication and Care with iCloud WebPACS

Cloud computing is changing the way IT works today and the healthcare industry is no exception. Cloud brings vast advantages to the medical imaging arena by saving time and money while delivering infinite patient care benefits. The iCloud WebPACS strategy embraces the power of the Web and true zero-footprint client applications delivering an extensive PACS solution inclusive of transfer, interpretation storage and distribution of diagnostic quality images on-demand anywhere, anytime.


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