iCloudDrive Web Portal

Our feature rich web portal is a great way to access your files on the move.

  • See all your backed up files online
    You can browse backups from all your computers online and restore files with just a few clicks. You can also check on the status of your backups.
  • Edit files on the web with ZoHo (Briefcase only)
    You can view and edit MS Office format files on the web. Great for displaying a PowerPoint presentation on the move or working on a word document on a computer that doesn’t have Office installed. Changes made on the web to your Briefcase files are automatically synced back down to all your computers.
  • Play music and video (Briefcase only)
    Got music and video files on your briefcase? You can easily play them online and you can even manage playlists! Stream your MP3s or movies - whatever format they're in - straight to your browser. Great if you’re working away and want some background entertainment!
  • View and edit your photos (Briefcase only)
    You can edit most photo files directly on the web and apply basic effects such as cropping, resizing etc. using our built in photo editors. Plus view beautiful slideshows using our inbuilt photo browser.
  • Install additional applications
    We’ve got a growing list of applications that allow you to do more with your files on the web. You can easily install new apps when they become available.
  • Manage your account
    With iCloudDrive, you’re in complete control. You can browse all your backups and briefcase files on the web as well as download software and manage all aspects of your account online.
  • And do it all from your phone!
    If you've got an iPhone, iPad or Android device you can download our free app to view your files and stream your music and video to your phone. But if you don't use an iPhone, iPad or Android device then don't worry - our fantastic mobile portal at m.i-cloudinc.com makes it easy to access your files from any device!

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